Monday, 22 December 2008

Fit to print - 3

By way of seasonal update:

Edmund, Claire, William and Laurie are at their home for Christmas (and we are going to see them on Boxing Day). Claire telephoned yesterday to say that Laurie was walking.

Leo and Mini are busy planning their wedding celebrations, to take place at various stages during next year.

Thomas arrives back from Lisbon for Christmas tonight.

Agnes will complete her proof-reading course shortly; whilst
Ida - who enjoys chocolate pudding - is now 14 months old, and, having been spurred on by her younger cousin's prowess, has (yesterday) taken her first independent steps.

Midnight Mass at St Gregory's is always packed out, but I hope that Caroline, sister Sarah, Leo, Mini, Thomas, Agnes and Ida will be joining me for the first Mass of Christmas on Wednesday evening at St Thomas More's Church in the West of Cheltenham.

A Happy Christmas to blog readers everywhere! This extract from Dickens' A Christmas Carol came today from the RSA.

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