Thursday, 19 June 2008


In this dire housing market, Humberts will have been pleased to have sold five out of the seven properties included in their auction last evening, at the Queen's Hotel here in Cheltenham. Four weeks ago, I outlined the plans we had for when I retire and sell our house. Since then, one couple only has been round. Frustration is setting in! Particularly as we have worked hard on the garden, which is looking at its best. But yesterday the telephone rang: someone else wants to come round tomorrow. Great excitement!

Meanwhile, also yesterday, we had Barry the carpenter at work boxing in pipes in the basement; a new carpet laid on the kitchen staircase, and I went to buy two new loos from B&Q. Recalling the days when there was an ironmonger's shop on every High Street, it is quite a shock to go to B&Q: it must take up a site rather bigger than the average football pitch. Going in, I turned left, but eventually found myself at precisely the wrong end of the store. After telling me his life story, a cultured assistant pointed me to Aisle 23 in the far distance, saying Two loos? Long trek. Here's some Albi brickwork.

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