Tuesday, 20 May 2008

we CAN

The CAN in "we CAN" stands for Climate Action Now. It was started by a group of mothers and young people who are gravely concerned about the government’s failure to take decisive action on climate change. Many have not taken political action before. Climate Action Now is what they’re calling for. They want the government to know that it has a mandate to tackle the problem. And to this end they are at this moment holding a protest vigil outside the House of Commons calling for a halt to airport expansion and immediate and real Climate Action Now.

"What will we tell our children when they ask us what we did when the scale of the problem facing the world became apparent?" they ask.

Here is a photograph of our granddaughter, Ida Frances, aged nearly seven months, taken on Sunday: it is a grim world she will grow up into if action is not taken soon.

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